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FakeFind is the fastest and most reliable Fake Analysis platform developed for Instagram.

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FakeFind’s artificial intelligence-based platform enables you to protect your brands, executives and VIPs by identifying fake account risks across social media. FakeFind will instantly detect fake accounts opened with your name and take the necessary steps to close the account by Instagram in case of risk. Maintain your prestige in social media.Contact for more detail.

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We analyze the photos of the analyzed account using various image processing technologies and look at whether they are original or not. We provide a report taking into various factors such as followers of analyzed account, interaction rates, etc.
Reliability ratio specifies the accuracy of our results according to the variety of data we can access.
You can download FakeFind’s mobile app from App Store and Play Store.
You can contact with our experts to use Brand&VIP Protection Tool.
You can contact with our experts to use Influencer Audit Tool.

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FakeFind’s mobile app enables you to detect your fake followers on Instagram. You can analyze suspected accounts and see the results with details.